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JLB Episode 74 – The PizzaGate Episode


In this episode, we talk about the Lord’s work, patriarchal dongs, God profit, Carl’s Jr, and the outrageous Jupiter glitter bomb. But first, we kick things off with a heated discussion about Reverend AppleBottom’s wife’s big ol’ brown roast beef lips and how it initially lead to the end of their 20 year marriage. Jill talks about her dream with the hilarious Shaquille O’Neal becoming president and Josh brings up his desires of bully pissing. We then explain the PD and MD of the family and how women who have the largest labias are the funniest and most outgoing. This brings us to our main “Hot Topics” which is about Pizza Supreme Leader Trump’s over reaching Executive Order 4P that makes it illegal to put pineapple on pizza. So tune in to find out how establishments like Pope’s Pizza is taking a stand and why Josh only calls the government on Fridays just before closing time.

***Riddle of the week***
can you suck a duck while being a buck or are you a cuck in a truck stuck in the muck? Ya fuck.

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