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JLB Episode 68 – The Nuclear Verevolf Predicament


In this episode, we talk about Jill’s world voice over tour! Featuring her many accents from countries like Pakistan, Germany, Transylvania and British Carol. Don’t stare at her cunt! We then talk about our friends over at Pope’s Pizza, no salmonellas! K-Bone is utter shit and if you see him on the streets then strike him hard in the ears. Paul Walker saves Harambe and a pack of werewolves have eaten all my vegetables. We then get into our “Hot Topics” and receive a visit from our new neighbor, Reverend Applebottom. He has gone into the pop-up nuclear plant business and has given all his neighbors (including us) radioactive blueberry pie which turns you into a VEREVOLF! That’s right, we’ve got a full fledged verevolf epidemic going on here and Josh thinks he’s figured the way out, by eating buttholes. We then close out the episode with the one thing verevolves love the most, YouTube beat boxing.

Don’t forget you can also give us a call and leave a voice mail and we’ll play it on the next episode! Call us at 813-551-ANUS. That’s 813-551-2687!

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