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JLB Episode 73 – This Is A Banking Episode


In this “New Year” episode, we come together to celebrate Jesus’s real birthday by burning our old vision boards. But before we jump into how we learn about Josh’s new job, editing all of the Wikipedia articles. Although Jill is genuinely concerned for the Backstreet Boys wiki page, Josh genuinely doesn’t give a shit. He is also dropping his new album full of 90’s style interludes. It’s like they always say “the more interludes you got the better the flow”. Throw olives in the air if you want to be Greek. We then talk about our vision boards and the many different styles of crosses you can buy for burning or praising. Jill keeps interrupting to talk about Mase and Josh use to be a fire safety chief in Chicago; Youse gotta take cares of ya hands if ya wanna hold dem dags. Also, Jill threw some chicken bones and has determined that a complete economic crash is coming in 2017. So we spend some time talking about our future proof investments like downtown revitalization, buying up all of the Crossfire games, and artisanal crack rock stores. We will also see a rise in child labor this year and Creaky Door Syndrome. We then close out the episode with a fashion update with new trends like the classic over-sized white t-shirt and flesh colored leggings. I hope you have your big dicks ready because this episode is going to blow up your ear holes!

Don’t forget you can also give us a call and leave a voice mail and we’ll play it on the next episode! Call us at 813-551-ANUS. That’s 813-551-2687!
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