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JLB Episode 69 – Game Of Crimes: Episode 1


In this episode, two detectives reunite to solve one last crime, but it all turns sour when they encounter their prime suspect, a simple janitor who goes by the name of, Barry Dickle. Now that our heroes, Dylan Pearl Long and Dillon Harambe Strong are back on the force, they look back on what drove them apart. Dylan saved most of a child and took up building clown houses while Dillon joined Internal Affairs to watch his darling wife Lucinda bang his supervisor, Mark (aka baby legs). But this case had breathed new life into these two rugged detectives and now they are back to solve the peanut butter butcher murders. Barry may think he is a superhero now, but taking him downtown will certainly change his tune. Justice, will always find a way.

Don’t forget you can also give us a call and leave a voice mail and we’ll play it on the next episode! Call us at 813-551-ANUS. That’s 813-551-2687!

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