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JLB Episode 76 – Carnie Life!


In this episode, we throw an S Club party in the carny underground and explore the mysterious life of America’s most elusive group of people, the Carnies. But first we talk about Paul Bearer and the World Wildlife Federation and how the Macho Man likes the white cream of an 8th grade boy. We then discuss our upcoming power ballad “American White Baby” while Josh gets confused with life as a Carnita. We discover an underground Carnie Crossfire tournament and have no choice but to sponsor the entire event including our own champions named Lil Pete and Pat. We then learn that they only deal in Lizzies and favor Beanie Weenies over public safety, equipment repairs, and clown shoes. An old carny lures Josh with Riesens and touches his soft spots while Jill celebrates the blind CEO of OshKosh B’Gosh. Bugles, dip in shit.

Don’t forget you can also give us a call and leave a voice mail and we’ll play it on the next episode! Call us at 813-551-ANUS. That’s 813-551-2687!

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