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JLB Episode 77 – Peter Pan’s Cousin, Saint Patrick!

In this episode, we talk a lot about being sneaky while sneaking into a laundromat through a secret tunnel in Chicago. Hot Cheetos are often used to distract people while in shadow mode and Jill is being chased by her problems. Josh has to abruptly take a shit and excuses himself while Jill is visited by Saint Patrick, who loves telling jokes. Jill admits we are there to steal all his gold but he doesn’t seem to care and lets her know they in the dryers. St. Pat gives some sage advice to the kiddos out there by instructing them to be kidnapped by Pirates, it’ll boost your career and they also have the best peanut butter! He prides himself for his wall of celebrities who have visited the mat, especially the best rapper of all time, Joaquin Phoenix. There is a huddle of guys jerkin it in the alley way trying to keep the rats warm and Josh finally comes back, he was shanked. So tune in and enjoy this exhilarating adventure of mystery, intrigue, and The Hulkster’s 10 incher.

Don’t forget you can also give us a call and leave a voice mail and we’ll play it on the next episode! Call us at 813-551-ANUS. That’s 813-551-2687!

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